January 2020 Update

Currently Technology Sourcerers offer the following courses on a face to face/ ad hoc basis. These are being transcribed and will appear on Udemy when available:

HANDS-ON – a practical programme of courses (as the name suggests) focusing on fault finding and diagnosing key areas of personal computing including Hardware (now available on Udemy @ https://www.udemy.com/course/fault-finding-and-troubleshooting-pc-motherboards/?referralCode=86B31DF43E7064CB267F ), Analysis, Networking, Device Drivers (& firmware), (Cyber) Security, Operating Systems plus a nominated option specialising in a selected OS from a set including Windows 10, Linux, Android and IOS.

Other courses include:

DevOps for non-devs;

Practical computer architecture parts 1 & 2;

Introduction to logic gates;

Practical guide to TOGAF certification.